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Freightliner Trucks Severe Duty Report

Each month, I interview truck owners/operators, fleet managers, and truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs) to develop customer testimonials for Freightliner’s vocational product line, called The Severe Duty Report.

The Epsom Salt Council Social Content

In working with the Epsom Salt Council, we interview specialists about the uses and benefits of Epsom salt, and then turn that information into shareable social media content.

Smith & Jones Inbound Marketing

While working on Smith & Jones’ inbound marketing, I developed white papers, blog posts, webinars, and emails targeted to hospital CEOs and CMOs.

Masters Thesis: Corporate Health Diplomacy

This study proposes a new type of diplomacy to better describe the role of pharmaceutical companies in global health and their individual charitable efforts conducted to meet the dual goals of improving global health and obtaining business objectives.