I’m a digital public relations specialist with experience in content strategy, social media, and event activation. I’ve been on the agency side for nearly a decade, working with brands in B2B, health & wellness, and travel & tourism.

Oh, and I miss going to concerts more than anything right now.

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I tried every trendy prenatal vitamin so you don’t have to

The best prenatal vitamins for plant-based diets and sensitive stomachs I should start off this blog post with a few disclaimers. First of all, whether you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, you should talk to your physician about the correct prenatal vitamin for you and your specific health and dietary needs. Second,…

Read / Watch / Listen: July 2019

Read 10% Happier by Dan HarrisI first learned about Dan Harris and his book in The Minimalists’ documentary, Minimalism. In the documentary, Harris talks about how he had a panic attack on-air while working as a news anchor, and how meditation helped him tame the voice in his head. I took a lot from that…

Is it still cool to have an Instagram aesthetic?

Working in PR, I spend a lot of time studying and working with influencers (what we used to call bloggers and thought leaders). The field of influencer marketing has exploded over the past 5-10 years and shows no signs of slowing down. But there is a new narrative leaking through those perfect square images on…