Sure, I could upload full strategic public relations plans with detailed sections on research, planning, implementation and evaluation (I did earn my APR, after all!), but at my heart, I am a writer. I’ve known it ever since elementary school homework assignments when I turned all of my spelling sentences into paragraphs and short stories. I love finding my clients’ stories and sharing them with their customers across various platforms in snack-able pieces of content.

For one of my clients, I’m fortunate to get to interview top doctors and experts in the health and wellness field on everything from magnesium deficiency and workout recovery, to mental health and self-care.

For another, I interviewed customers every month about their unique business goals and challenges, and the Real Cost of Ownership of the trucks that helped them get the job done.

To me, there’s nothing better than finding a kernel of a story and then sharing it in a way that helps or inspires others.

Below is a sampling of my freelance writing work. Want more? Check out my blog.


PRSA The Edge

Bridal Guide Magazine

Ragan’s PR Daily

Ragan’s Millennial Mafia

Ragan’s Health Care Communication News

The Agency Post

The Huffington Post