Wednesday Words – Came Out Swinging

“Well, I spent this whole year in airports And the floor feels like home Oh, at least we’re never alone I lost track of the time zones and I’d call but you know I’m running on empty The late nights and the long drives start to get to me I’m just so tired” The Wonder… Continue reading Wednesday Words – Came Out Swinging

Wednesday Words – City Girl

“I’ve always thought of myself as a city girl. I love the energy, the diversity, the noise. I love the variety of experiences, the speed and volume, the endless chatter and din of traffic, the endless options and adventures. But as I learn to dwell in the silence of my own heart, I’m finding myself… Continue reading Wednesday Words – City Girl

Wednesday Words – Adolescent friends

“Anyone who knew you as an adolescent and still wants to spend time with you is a true friend, and really, their opportunity to blackmail you with stories of who you kissed and photos of you in overalls is enough reason to keep them around. We don’t see each other nearly often enough, but when… Continue reading Wednesday Words – Adolescent friends