5 professional relationships that deserve thanks this holiday season

5 professional relationships that deserve thanks this holiday season

As we gather around the table this Thursday and eat into a turkey, mashed potato, and gravy coma, we’ll undoubtedly take a moment to reflect on the basics that we’re thankful for: family, friends, food, and good health, to name a few. But even though the focus of the season is on our home lives, it’s important to give thanks to the key people in our professional lives, too.

Take a few hours over the 4-day weekend to reflect on the past year, put together a list, and start writing out little notes of warm wishes for the holiday season.

Tip: You’ll want to get these notes in the mail by the second week of December at the latest in order to reach people before they head out for the holidays.

To help get you started, here’s a list of 5 people in your professional life whom you should give thanks:

  1. Unicorn coworkers: These are the coworkers who give you credit for your ideas in meetings, who compliment your work in front of clients and managers, and pitch in when you need help. There are so many coworkers out there who are so fiercely competitive that they are fearful to praise others and relish in the idea of watching us crash and burn. I’d bet we’ve all had an experience with at least one coworker like this, and it really makes you appreciate the unicorns. Reciprocate the kind behavior and send a handwritten, heartfelt thanks.
  2. Reporters and editors: Journalists receive hundreds of pitches from PR professionals each week. They don’t need to do you any favors, so send a thank you to the ones who did. Start with the ones who covered your clients’ news and events so you can continue building your relationship and keep the door open for future collaborations in 2016. Then send a note to key reporters you haven’t been able to crack. Persistence will keep you on their radar.
  3. Mentors: Think about the mentors and managers who have taken the time to vouch for you over this past year. It could have been by serving as a job reference, by recommending you for a new project or client, or offering you good advice on how to advance within your organization. Mentors don’t have to do any of this. They go out of their way to help you, so make sure they know you appreciate it.
  4. Work BFF: This is the person who helps you through all work-related crises, from brainstorming solutions to a difficult client situation, to accompanying you on an afternoon coffee run when you need a break. They’re also there to give you a high five when you kick ass and laugh about the ups and downs of agency life. Your days would certainly be longer and grayer without your work BFF, so send them a little love.
  5. Spouse/SO/bestie: Okay, so technically this isn’t a ‘professional’ relationship (unless you do, in fact, work with your SO), but you wouldn’t be able to do all that you do and succeed at work without the help of your roomie at home. Thank them for taking out the trash when you have a client event and forgiving you when you leave dishes in the sink for more than 24 hours. A true partnership at home allows us all to reach farther in our careers.

For these season’s greetings, I wouldn’t suggest the custom photo holiday cards from Rifle Paper Co. that you send to friends and family. Instead, make a statement with a good old boxed holiday card set. Here are three chic and festive holiday card sets you can pick up on your next Target run:

Do you send out professional holiday cards? Is there anyone I missed on my list?


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