How to be the most informed girl at the water cooler

That time I dressed up as TheSkimm girl for Halloween. Uncanny resemblance, no?

When I first enrolled in undergrad, I declared my major as journalism. I loved to write, and I loved to play anchor in front of the green screen in our broadcast studio, but the problem was that I didn’t love the news. Especially the local news. I wish I did. I wish I could be the next Sloan Sabbith from HBO’s The Newsroom, but the truth was, I wasn’t passionate enough to put in the work. (Nor did I have any connections in news or publishing.) By the end of college, I realized that I could not, in fact, live out The Devil Wears Prada, and refocused my energy into PR.

With all of that being said, I know that I can’t survive solely on information from girly magazines and lifestyle blogs. I also know that staying informed is a big part of being successful in PR, and now more than ever, you can’t rely on social media alone for unbiased, accurate news. That’s why I’m such a big supporter of TheSkimm.

TheSkimm is a daily morning email that breaks down the most important news stories from the last 24 hours, why they’re important, and witty ways to bring them up in conversation. The founders get that it’s important for everyone to be informed on global and national issues – especially when it comes to elections – but they also get that it’s easy to get distracted by, oh, pretty much everything else on the internet. Plus with all of the fake news floating around social media these days, it’s hard to know which sources you can trust. But I know that TheSkimm is reputable, and that’s why I’ve been a loyal reader for the last five years.

And so because I love it so much, I want to shout it from the rooftops. But since it’s 2017, I’ll do it the next best way, via social media. Sign up today – you won’t regret it.


By caitlinrebecca

PR girl fueled by pop-punk, witty words and a hot cup of tea.

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