Home Tour: Guest Room

Guest Room

Strangely, the first room we finished in our new house was the guest room. Mostly because we didn’t need to buy anything new to furnish it, but also because we slept there the first week while we waited for our new mattress to be delivered. To be honest, I just can’t sleep on an air mattress for more than one or two nights, so that room quickly became our top priority.

We got pretty lucky with our house. It’s only one year old, so we don’t need to do any renovations. We even like the paint colors the previous owner had picked out, so literally all we’ve had to do is move in furniture and hang things on the walls.

The room we decided to make the guest room has a bright blue accent wall that perfectly matches our bedding and curtains, so we have officially dubbed it “The Blue Room.” We can’t wait to have our first guests stay with us next weekend!

Guest Room 2
Complete with inspirational messages from Andrew McMahon and The Wonder Years 🎶

Guest Room 3

Guest Room 4

Now accepting reservations at #RyanBnB, so come visit!! 🏡


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