Going home again

Puppy looking out front door
I think Rufio misses my parents’ front door the most. Don’t worry buddy, we’re working on getting you your very own!

Over the fourth of July holiday, we hopped in the car with Rufio and drove to New York to visit our families in a weird, coming full circle experience. Exactly one year earlier we packed up our cars and moved to Charlotte – into an apartment we had never seen without jobs. It sounds pretty reckless when I think about it now, but at the time I don’t remember feeling nervous. I remember thinking: “let’s give this a try. If after one year we don’t like it, we’ll pick up and move again.”

But we love it. In fact, we just renewed our lease for another 13 months.

Driving around my hometown reminded me of high school and how I desperately wanted to get out. How I wanted nothing more than to be a PR girl in a big city and go to pop punk shows with my future husband.

Mission accomplished. ✔️

So while it’s safe to say I don’t miss the town (other than The Placid Baker, The Confectionery, and Slidin’ Dirty in Troy), I do miss our family and friends. Here are some highlights from the trip:

PR Girl + Family
I finally got to meet my baby nephew, Garrett William! ❤️ We got to be there for his baptism and see our whole family. Dress: Maison Jules
Spiked Seltzer
We spent the fourth of July poolside at my grandmother’s house. I have so many great memories from spending every summer there as a kid!
Druthers Albany NY
We went to the new Druthers in Albany with one of my besties and her fiancé to catch up and talk weddings! It is GORGEOUS inside and their mac n’ cheese is to die for.
Puppy in a stroller
Lots of family walks in my parents’ neighborhood! Rufio liked Garrett’s stroller more than he does 😂
Mini ice cream cone
How adorable is this mini ice cream cone?! 🍦

After a few days upstate, we headed down to Long Island to visit MPR’s family and friends. I have to say, there’s no place better than Long Island during the summer. Their beaches are gorgeous (even though the water is freezing!)

Robert Moses Beach
Robert Moses Beach Field 5, aka heaven 🌊
Robert Moses Beach
Who needs a pedicure when you can take a long walk on the beach?
Long Island beaches
The most handsome man on the beach ❤️

It was nice to see everyone, but it was also great coming back to our new home in the Queen City. I missed our comfy bed in our little apartment and our warm, turquoise pool. However, I am looking forward to our next trips back up north for our best friends’ weddings! October in NY is 👌🏻


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PR girl fueled by pop-punk, witty words and a hot cup of tea.

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