Friday vibes: July 29

At Birdsong Brewing in NoDa for #instabeerupclt with my next door neighbor ❤️

This week was a great one. For one, it was the first time all month I started to feel like my normal self again. The z-pak finally defeated the bronchitis and nasty sinus infection I picked up in Edmonton. I’m no longer drowning in mucus. But on top of that, I attended two networking events: the PRSA luncheon and #instabeerupclt. It felt good to be around like-minded people and finally set down some roots. It was the first time since we moved here a year ago that I started to feel like Charlotte was becoming my home, instead of just a place we’re “testing out.”

This weekend will involve a lot of cleaning and relaxing before I head off for another work trip. This time we’re going to Seattle and I. Am. Pumped. I’ve never been to the west coast and I’ve heard that Seattle is a really cool city, so expect lots of snaps and Instagram posts, and of course a full update when I get back.

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

  1. What’s on Michelle Obama’s mind? Meet the speechwriter who puts it into words. Whether you’re a republican, a democrat, or an independent, you have to admit that Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention this week was moving. Even my eyes teared up when she spoke about her daughters.
  2. You Can’t Help but Feel Summery When This Pineapple Decor Is in Your Home There’s just something about the south that has made me obsessed with pineapples. I’d buy everything on this list if I could – especially the pineapple stemless wine glasses (which, P.S. are currently on sale in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale).
  3. A Glossary of Basic Mortgage Terms: From Escrow to Title The fact that our rent just went up $100/month has MPR and I seriously considering buying a home next fall. It’s both overwhelming and exciting. But mostly, it made me realize that I have A LOT to learn. This article from Daily Worth covers the basics.
  4. Living Off the Brands This advertising agency sent one of their copywriters into the woods for five days with nothing but their clients’ products. Hilarity ensued, obviously. What do you think, could I pull off an assignment like this? (Probably not.)
  5. SkillPop: Modern Cross Stitch Anyone want to take a cross stitch class with me? I feel like this is a hobby I could actually keep up. My grandmother taught me how to embroider when I was a kid, so, it’ll be just like riding a bike. Right?

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