5 pieces of wearable tech that are actually cute

5 pieces of wearable tech that are actually cute

Wearable tech is one of those things that I want, but I’m not so sure if I need. It reminds me of when the iPod came out back when I was in high school. I remember saying, “Well, it would be nice to have all of my music on one device, but I don’t need it,” (as the school bus hit a bump and my Walkman skipped).

Needless to say, I got a pink iPod Mini and never looked back.

With wearable tech, I’m not sure if it would cause me to look at my phone more or less. If I’m notified of every text/call/social notification right away, it would be hard to not pull out my phone and check it. And as for the fitness tracking – would it actually help me to get in shape? There’s a lot of unknowns, but what I do know is that wearable tech isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It keeps getting more advanced and more fashionable. Here are five pieces of wearable tech that I would actually consider buying and wearing:

5 cute pieces of wearable tech for working women

  1. Michael Kors Access Crosby Activity Tracker: You can’t go wrong with a combination of rose gold, mother of pearl, and leather 😍 This activity tracker covers the basics with a step, calorie, and distance counter, and LED notifications that let you know you’re on track. It also monitors your beauty sleep and syncs up with your phone and allows you to control your music, take photos, and ring your phone – all for $95.00. Another bonus? You don’t need to charge it!
  2. Kate Spade Rose Gold Glitter Scallop Activity Tracker: This cute little tracker from Kate Spade is similar to the Michael Kors Activity Tracker. It tracks your beauty sleep and steps, allows you to set up reminders and countdowns to celebrations big and small, and alerts you with light notifications, controls music, takes selfies and never needs to be charged. It comes in multiple colors/styles for $125.00
  3. Leaf Urban Silver Edition: This little tracker is more for the fitness-minded lady. It monitors your activity, sleep, reproductive health and alerts you to oncoming stress while guided breathing and meditation exercises help you relax. What’s cool about this tracker is that you can wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, or clip it on your shirt/pants. It also has a replaceable battery versus charging it and comes in silver and rose gold. This one runs for $139.00
  4. Ringly Road Trip Aries Bracelet: This gorgeous piece of wearable tech is designed for the busy business lady. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to set up custom vibration/light notifications for more than 100 apps on your phone. That way you can keep your phone tucked away during your busy work day or at a dinner out with the girls and not worry about missing an important call, text, or email. It also allows you to track your steps, calories, and distance. It comes in multiple colors/gem stones and runs for $245.00
  5. Michael Kors Access Bradshaw Sable-Tone Smartwatch: Michael Kors nailed it with this smartwatch. It allows you to swipe the watch face based on your mood, has interchangeable watch bands, app notifications, fitness and activity tracking, and voice commands. It’s like a regular Michael Kors watch on steroids. It runs for $350.00 but it’s oh so pretty.

Which one would you go for? I heard Kate Spade is coming out with a smartwatch this fall and I’m very curious to see how that one turns out!

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  1. These are great accessories I would actually wear! I love pink so many have to swoop up that Kate spade one!



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