Friday vibes: September 30

Tupelo Honey Cafe, Charlotte
A Charlotte food tour is not complete without a trip to Tupelo Honey! 🐝

My family came to visit us from New York this week, and it’s safe to say they’re all heading back home a few pounds heavier. It’s not their fault – it’s the amazing southern food here in Charlotte. MPR and I treated them to all of our favorites: Tupelo Honey Cafe, Duck Donuts, Bakersfield, Two Scoops Creamery, Price’s Chicken Coop, and Nothing Bundt Cakes. My body is screaming for a veggie detox, but it was so worth it.

Speaking of a detox, this Monday begins my clean eating challenge (breakfast and lunch only). I plan on doing meal prep on Sunday and having plain oatmeal with fresh fruit for breakfast, and quinoa bowls with lots of veggies and beans for lunch. If I can make it all five days, I’ll consider it a great success.

Here are the things that caught my eye this week:

  1. How to Set Up an Online Portfolio (That Will Land You the Job): This article from The Everygirl has great tips for setting up your personal website/portfolio with Squarespace. This has motivated me to combine my portfolio site with my blog.
  2. #PinkBeetle: Have you seen the new Volkswagen fuchsia bug? It’s incredible! At what age is it too old to drive a bright pink bug? I’d argue the limit does not exist…
  3. ‘The Mindy Project’ Heads to VH1, Freeform in Syndication Deal: When we moved to Charlotte we canceled our Hulu subscription because our rent includes cable. The only time I missed it is when The Mindy Project moved exclusively to Hulu, but now it looks like I’ll be able to catch up with the reruns!
  4. Madewell Lace-up Sweater Dress: I have a new clothing obsession, and that brand is called Madewell. I stumbled across it in the South Park Mall a few weeks ago and now I need every piece of their clothing, starting with this sweater dress.
  5. 10 Reasons Why Snail Mail Is the Best Mail: Sending and receiving snail mail is one of my favorite things to do (and why I invest in great stationery). Take a look at this list to find out why you should start sending more snail mail, too!

Happy Friday!


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