Friday vibes: February 10

This week was one of those weeks where I took a step back and thought, “wow I love my job.” On Tuesday I got to take an “adult field trip” aka Destination Training for one of our clients, which basically meant I got to hop on a bus and visit a bunch of different tourist… Continue reading Friday vibes: February 10

Friday vibes: January 13

In 2016 I traveled a lot for business. Like, more than I traveled in my previous 27 years combined. So I’m starting 2017 with a serious case of wanderlust, but for personal travel. It’s kind of hard when we’re also saving up for a house down payment, but that’s a #firstworldproblem if I’ve ever heard… Continue reading Friday vibes: January 13

Friday vibes: January 6

I don’t know about y’all, but this Christmas break gave me life. I watched a ton of holiday movies, spent quality time with my little family, and read Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. We even spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s adulting hard – we bought a new car, got prequalified for… Continue reading Friday vibes: January 6

Friday vibes: December 23

You guys, we made it. We’re officially on Christmas break 🙌🏻 My agency made a last-minute decision to close between Christmas and New Year’s, so we now have a full 11 days to recharge our batteries (and I certainly need it). I hope to spend it catching up on my favorite blogs, sleeping in, and… Continue reading Friday vibes: December 23

Friday vibes: December 9

It’s been a full month since I’ve written a Friday post! To be honest, I can’t even tell you where the last month has gone. I was going to write something profound or insightful about life lately, but it has simply been barreling forward. And while, at times, I’ve felt like I was running on empty,… Continue reading Friday vibes: December 9

Friday vibes: October 28

Today I’m off to New York! MPR & I are heading to Long Island for our friends’ wedding and I’m very much looking forward to a taste of Fall in NYC. It’s arguably the best season that city has to offer.

Friday vibes: October 14

This past weekend was absolutely perfect. Saturday was met with a steady rain due to Hurricane Matthew, so MPR and I ran errands and then curled up with Rufio, lit candles, and watched Halloween movies on Netflix. Sunday left plenty of time for reading and self-care to prepare for the week ahead. That is my… Continue reading Friday vibes: October 14