Friday vibes: February 17

Hot Taco, Charlotte, NC
Can we get some more queso? 🧀

I will never complain about temperatures in the mid-70s in February! The sunshine this past weekend did wonders for my soul. And it looks like those good vibes will continue into this weekend when some of our college friends come to town. I can’t wait to show them our home and some of our favorite spots around Charlotte.

Speaking of homes, this week’s link roundup has a serious theme: home design. I have tripped and fallen down the real estate rabbit hole. Adios! It’s even more obvious if you follow me on Pinterest. Here are my main points of focus:

  1. The Minimalists documentary on Netflix: MPR and I first got into minimalism back when we were living in our 650 sq. ft. apartment in Troy, NY. After work, we’d plop on the couch and watch marathons of Tiny House Nation on FYI and laugh at the girls who requested a dedicated shoe closet and the men who insisted their California King-sized bed would fit in their tiny loft. The minimalism mentality has followed us on our quest to buy a house, and this documentary recharged our batteries.
  2. The Big Shrink from The New York Times: I found this house on Pinterest and absolutely love everything about it – the size, the design, and the philosophy on downsizing.
  3. West Elm Mid-Century Bed: Could I please copy/paste this entire bedroom set into my home? Okay, great.
  4. The Best Tiny Homes on Instagram to Inspire Your BIG #TinyLiving Dream: Le sigh. I think my favorite part about these houses is all of the natural light. So dreamy!
  5. Define Your Style: Mid-Century Modern: I don’t care if it’s trendy or cliche, I LOVE mid-century modern style. I’m drawn to its simplicity and subtle throwback vibes.

Another weekend in the 70s in Charlotte! What’s on your weekend forecast?


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