Wednesday Words – Wellth

“Sometimes life can really suck. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows and it’s not filled with organic, gluten-free cookies that also happen to be sugar-free, vegan, and delicious. (I’ve yet to find such a cookie but if you find it, please let me know!). There are major detours and potholes – such as death, disease, and backbreaking financial hardship – that can be debilitating. But no matter how hard things are, we must believe that our situation can get better. And most of the time things aren’t even all that bad; we’re just wound so tight that we can’t find the humor in some of the potholes.”

Wellth, by Jason Wachob

3 ways to save money with a library card

Copygirl by Michelle Sassa

In-flight entertainment ✈️

I recently signed up for a Charlotte library card, and it was the first thing I did that said, “I’m staying here for awhile.” The only other library card I’ve had is from back home in Delmar. I never had one while living in Cortland, Connecticut, or Troy. It seems small (after all, it’s free), but it meant something to me. And suddenly I felt like Belle in Beauty in the Beast with all of the books at my fingertips. (Except I have multiple libraries because Charlotte has so many branches.)

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