Friday vibes: September 23

Charlotte, NC

View of Uptown Charlotte

Last night marked the third night of riots in Charlotte. While they’ve been occurring a few blocks away from us, we’ve been living with a steady hum of helicopters overhead, pops and bangs of tear gas at night, and an overcast of heavy hearts. It’s sad to see our beautiful city get smashed and torn apart – especially in the media. Pray for peace. We don’t need anymore hurting.

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Saturdays are for the girls

Pop-up shop for women-owned businesses in Charlotte

Pink Social Girl Tribe Pop-Up Shop! 👯💕 #shoplocal

Barstool Sports may say that Saturdays are for the boys, but this past Saturday was most definitely for the girls. My friend Amanda and I started our morning at the Pink Social Girl Tribe Pop Up sale at Sugar Creek Brewing. This pop up sale had 50+ women-owned businesses, including local boutiques and designers. The whole purpose was to support other women, shop local, and throw a fun girls’ day out.

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Friday vibes: August 26

Rail Trail South End CLT

Beware the bichpoo-a-saurus. Rawr 🐩

What’s that? Cool air? Yes, the humidity in Charlotte has finally broken 🙌🏻 That’s the first sign that fall is on its way, and I cannot wait. Summer is actually my least favorite season of the year. The only thing that makes it bearable down here is the fact that I have a pool right in my backyard. But fall is the sweet spot. It’s going to be filled with long walks on the Rail Trail every evening and on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Panthers games on Sunday nights, and scoping out open houses as we try to educate ourselves on the housing market down here. Sounds like heaven 🍂

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Friday vibes: August 12

Bank of America Stadium

Our Panthers tickets came in the mail this week! 🏈🙌🏻

This week I was completely burned out. I think I’m still trying to catch up from my business trip in Seattle last week (full recap coming soon) and my missed hours of sleep. It was a good reminder that when you think everything sucks, take a step back and think for a second: Do I need a nap and/or a snack? These two things can solve almost any bad mood.

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3 ways to save money with a library card

Copygirl by Michelle Sassa

In-flight entertainment ✈️

I recently signed up for a Charlotte library card, and it was the first thing I did that said, “I’m staying here for awhile.” The only other library card I’ve had is from back home in Delmar. I never had one while living in Cortland, Connecticut, or Troy. It seems small (after all, it’s free), but it meant something to me. And suddenly I felt like Belle in Beauty in the Beast with all of the books at my fingertips. (Except I have multiple libraries because Charlotte has so many branches.)

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Bayern Munich/Inter Milan soccer game

UEFA Soccer Game Charlotte NC

View of the stadium during the Bayern Munich/Inter Milan soccer game in Charlotte

This past spring, MPR created a New York Islanders meet-up to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs among fellow hockey fans. Through this group, we discovered Brevard Court in uptown, and The Upper Deck at Courtyard Hooligans quickly became our go-to spot. The owner let us take over the bar during Islander playoff games, but it’s really a soccer bar. So although the Islanders didn’t make it past round 2, we ended up back there for the Copa America USA v Columbia game. It was a blast and we decided right then and there that we’d become soccer fans while we wait for hockey and football to start back up this fall.

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