3 ways to save money with a library card

Copygirl by Michelle Sassa
In-flight entertainment ✈️

I recently signed up for a Charlotte library card, and it was the first thing I did that said, “I’m staying here for awhile.” The only other library card I’ve had is from back home in Delmar. I never had one while living in Cortland, Connecticut, or Troy. It seems small (after all, it’s free), but it meant something to me. And suddenly I felt like Belle in Beauty in the Beast with all of the books at my fingertips. (Except I have multiple libraries because Charlotte has so many branches.)

With a few visits under my belt, I already found three ways I’ll be taking advantage of my new library card:

  1. Books (duh)
    I don’t know about you, but after I read a book once I’m done with it. I’ve never gone back and reread books – unless it’s educational, like Rich Bitch. So I tend to buy a ton of books from Barnes & Noble or Amazon, read them, and then sit them on my shelf for all eternity. This problem smacked me right in the face when we were packing up to move down south and I realized there was no reason to bring my books with me. Except for a select few, I sold them at our garage sale or donated them to Good Will. Now that we’re in a new space, I’m making a conscious effort to borrow books from the library instead of buying them. The one challenge with that system is that the book you want to read isn’t always available, so I keep a running list of books in the Notes app on my iPhone, and regularly place holds on popular books. This keeps more money in my savings account and more room on my shelves.
  2. Old school DVDs
    The one problem with Blockbuster closing down is that it’s really hard to find older movies. Sure, new releases are in RedBox and you occasionally stumble upon oldies on Netflix or HBO Go, but finding a specific movie is hard. MPR & I ran into this problem when we decided to have a John Candy marathon one rainy Saturday. I had never seen Uncle Buck or The Great Outdoors, and they weren’t available on Netflix or HBO, or for purchase at Target. But they were both available at the library branch down the street – and they were free. You can’t beat that!
  3. Audiobooks
    The night before my trip to Seattle, I headed to the Main Library in uptown to pick up Copygirl to read on the 5.5-hr plane ride. (P.S. I highly recommend Copygirl for other ladies working in marketing/advertising/PR. It’s a fun beach read and is so accurate when it comes to #AgencyLife stereotypes and realities.) When I walked in, I saw a whole section filled with audiobooks, so I will be sure to check those out before my next business trip or drive up to NY. I used to have a subscription to Audible and loved it, but couldn’t justify the monthly payment considering I didn’t use it regularly. It’s nice to know that the library is another option!

Today, MPR picked me up Wellth by Jason Wachob, plus I put holds on about five more books. What’s on your reading list?


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