Popsicle cocktails


I’m not sure if it’s a Charlotte thing, a southern thing, or a summer 2016 thing, but a lot of bars and breweries in the Queen City have started selling popsicle cocktails. Their formula is a glass of prosecco with a King of Pops popsicle (a local popsicle joint that makes ecologically responsible, fresh, all-natural frozen treats) dunked in it. The idea is that the popsicle melts in the summer heat and you’re left with a fruity, refreshing, summer-time drink.

But they go for $14 a pop. (Pun intended.)

So my neighbor and I decided to make our own while lounging at our pool. We took a bottle of blue prosecco that MPR and I drank on the party bus at our wedding and popped in two regular old popsicles from Aldi. And they were just as delicious and frosty as the drinks at the bar, and best of all, they were free!

If you decide to make your own, they really are dummy-proof. I would suggest you pick a prosecco/sparkling wine/champagne that is more on the dry side than the sweet side, because once the popsicle melts the drink can actually get too sweet. I saw some great popsicle cocktails on the fourth of July with firecracker popsicles and I was jealous I didn’t think of that!

Have popsicle cocktails reached your city yet?


By caitlinrebecca

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