Vegetarian Recipes for Newbies

MPR and I have been on quite the food journey this year. We started out by cutting all processed foods and carbs. Then I dabbled in paleo and used the spiralizer to turn veggies into noodles. Then we fell into a Netflix food documentary hole and discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet. We started… Continue reading Vegetarian Recipes for Newbies


4 recipes to upcycle your Thanksgiving leftovers 

This Thanksgiving, MPR and I stayed home with our puppy who was recuperating from knee surgery. But just because it was only the two of us, we didn’t want to skimp on our Thanksgiving meal. We went all out with a full turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, crescent rolls, green beans, cranberry sauce, and gravy. We… Continue reading 4 recipes to upcycle your Thanksgiving leftovers 

Popsicle cocktails

I’m not sure if it’s a Charlotte thing, a southern thing, or a summer 2016 thing, but a lot of bars and breweries in the Queen City have started selling popsicle cocktails. Their formula is a glass of prosecco with a King of Pops popsicle (a local popsicle joint that makes ecologically responsible, fresh, all-natural frozen… Continue reading Popsicle cocktails

Poached eggs

Each New Year I can remember since graduating from college, one of my resolutions included some form of learning how to cook. I’ve collected an eclectic shelf of beautifully-designed cookbooks filled with mouthwatering photos of clean, fresh food. And every year I’ve failed.