My new favorite work flats

The best flats for working girls

Black flats are a staple in every working girl’s wardrobe. I, for one, have gone through many pairs over the years. I usually wear them until they’re destroyed with worn soles and scratched leather. Some of my past flats had no arch support, some gave me blisters, and some were eaten by Rufio. But I think I just found my new favorite pair of flats: Michael Kors Fulton Moc Flats.

The best flats for work travel
Rocking my new flats on my latest business trip in Seattle.

I scooped these up about a month ago during Macy’s Great Shoe Sale for 40% off. I love that they’re leather and have a thick rubber bottom. Plus, the sole is broken up into cubes instead of one big rubber piece. I think this makes the shoe more flexible and helps it bend with the curves of your foot. I would say it took one wear to break these in. You know how after an event day, you get back to the hotel, take off your shoes, and feel a deep soreness in your arch and toes? I didn’t experience that at all with these flats. (🙌🏻) I wore them throughout the airports in Charlotte and Seattle, and on event day with zero issues.

These flats are a square toe moccasin-style flat, which I think is a sophisticated upgrade to the traditional ballet flat. You can dress them down with jeans and a tee (like when I was sightseeing in Seattle) or dress them up with a button down, blazer, or skirt. Versatility is key for work pieces, especially when you’re trying to fit everything into a carry-on!

I will say that these flats run a bit wide, so you may want to try them on in-store before purchasing. But I also think that may be why they’re so comfortable. They don’t fall off, but they’re not so tight on your feet that you experience any rubbing (at least I didn’t). I think I definitely found my new favorite pair of flats. I purchased them in black saffiano, and now I want another pair in luggage 😍

What are your go-to work shoes?


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