New Year’s Career Resolutions

PR Girl desk accessories

No desk is complete without a little Kate Spade 🎀

Some people pooh-pooh New Year’s Resolutions because, well, a lot of people fail to achieve them. But I think where most people go wrong is by setting impossible goals. I believe it’s all about baby steps. I started out 2016 determined to make Charlotte my home and to stop wallowing in self-pity. Over the course of the year my plans for how I would get there kept changing – it was as if Siri kept re-routing me until I found the best path. But I closed out 2016 in a much better place than I was at the end of 2015, and I plan to keep up that same rate of progress through 2017.

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10 things every confident woman has

10 things every confident woman has

An article I often refer back to is 8 things every happy woman should have on Thought Catalog. Not because I’m questioning my happiness, but because it’s kind of fun to check back periodically and see if/how my answers have changed.

While the article states that “happy” women have these 8 simple things, I think that it has more to do with confidence and self-assurance. It’s describing women who know who they are and what they like. I believe that once you have this down, you exude confidence, and confidence translates to happiness and contentment.

So I decided to make my own version of this list and fill in my answers. Feel free to share your answers in the comments below!
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How changing my location changed my life

How changing my location changed my life

I often think of that old saying, “if you can’t change your location, change your hair color.” I can’t remember where I first heard it – probably in a fashion magazine growing up – but in 2015 I knew that my yearning for change could not be satisfied with new tresses. I was stalled in my career, MPR was forced to work two jobs, and we just couldn’t see how we would get ahead if we stayed in New York. So that’s why we made the bold decision to not renew our lease, and just four and a half months after our wedding we packed up all of our stuff and moved down to Charlotte, NC.

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PR Girl Travels: Seattle/Tacoma

Gum Wall in Seattle

Seeing the new gum wall was #1 on my list in Seattle 🍬

My recent trip to Seattle/Tacoma for an event for my client was a complete whirlwind. As most event trips go, we didn’t have much time for exploring, but we hit some of the main tourist attractions and got a good feel for the downtown area. The thing I was most excited about seeing was Seattle’s famous Gum Wall (pictured above). This past fall the city power washed all the gum off, so this is only about six months worth. Surprisingly, the alley had a fruity/minty aroma. I wish I could have seen it in all its glory at this time last year, but it was still a really cool sight (and clearly I was excited to be there!)

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PR Girl Travels: Edmonton, Alberta


I recently traveled to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for a client event. Our program puts on events in multiple cities each year and these trips typically include working from sun up to sun down, followed by a client dinner, followed by collapsing into my hotel bed and falling asleep to Big Bang Theory reruns on TBS. That’s why I knew it was bad news bears when I started to feel feverish on our second flight from Toronto to Edmonton.

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