Friday vibes: September 2

Bichpoo puppy in Charlotte, NC
Rufio enjoying our new park! 🐩😍

Hurricane Hermine has landed! Luckily we are about three hours inland so we don’t need to worry much about damage, but my weather app does show constant rain for the next 24 hours. I was originally hoping to soak up the last of summer this weekend and maybe get in one more pool day, but I’m also totally fine with spending the 3-day weekend rained in. I envision sweatpants, Redbox movies, baked goods, and online shopping the Labor Day Weekend sales. Sayonara summer!

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

  1. Small Girls, big bets: Meet the young women that claim PR’s future is much more than just press: I’ve been following these girls and their PR agency for a few years now on Twitter and Instagram, and they are such an inspiration. I especially love their approach to influencer marketing. Definitely worth a read!
  2. Wear Orange Shoes: The Simple Key to Networking That Nobody Talks About: This is actually really smart. Developing a personal, unique style is the key to getting noticed and remembered at networking events. Do you have a signature accessory?
  3. 13 Essential Steps for Weight Loss: I’ve been hearing a lot about probiotics lately, from supporting your digestion, to strengthening your immune system, to helping you lose weight. I’ll have to pick some up on my next Target run.
  4. Quiz: Are These Agency Names Real or Fake? This is hilarious and playfully pokes fun at #agencylife. I honestly can’t believe that half of these are real!
  5. 11 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat at Work (and Buy on Amazon): So this directly contradicts the advice in article #3 (no snacking), but if you’re gonna snack, it might as well be something healthy! I need to get my hands on some Larabars.
  6. 5 Conversation Starters to Take Networking to the Next Level: When in doubt, a compliment always works wonders, too! Hence why you should dress well (article #2).
  7. Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey: Currently playing on repeat.

Hopefully your weekend has more sunshine in the forecast than mine! Enjoy!


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PR girl fueled by pop-punk, witty words and a hot cup of tea.

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