Friday vibes: September 2

Bichpoo puppy in Charlotte, NC

Rufio enjoying our new park! 🐩😍

Hurricane Hermine has landed! Luckily we are about three hours inland so we don’t need to worry much about damage, but my weather app does show constant rain for the next 24 hours. I was originally hoping to soak up the last of summer this weekend and maybe get in one more pool day, but I’m also totally fine with spending the 3-day weekend rained in. I envision sweatpants, Redbox movies, baked goods, and online shopping the Labor Day Weekend sales. Sayonara summer!

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PR Girl Travels: Edmonton, Alberta


I recently traveled to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for a client event. Our program puts on events in multiple cities each year and these trips typically include working from sun up to sun down, followed by a client dinner, followed by collapsing into my hotel bed and falling asleep to Big Bang Theory reruns on TBS. That’s why I knew it was bad news bears when I started to feel feverish on our second flight from Toronto to Edmonton.

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On turbulence


Recently, I was on a particularly turbulent flight back to Charlotte from a work event in Indianapolis. I’ve flown enough to not flinch at the occasional “bing-bong” signaling passengers to keep their seat belts fastened, but the persistent bumps and shakes and rocks were enough to break my concentration. I looked up from the book I was reading and scanned the clouds outside my window, searching for an early sign of descent.

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