3 things I miss about Troy

Engagement photos in Troy, NY
Outside my old agency! 🙊
3 things I miss about Troy, NY
Mural in downtown Troy 🎨

I recently wrote a post about how our decision to move to Charlotte changed our lives in so many positive ways. But despite the truth in all of it, I couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic for our first apartment and the first little city MPR and I explored together.

Troy was the perfect city for us at the time. I launched my career there, we saved enough money on rent to fund our wedding, and it was just hipster enough to keep our suburban nightmares at bay. But the truth is that we outgrew it, and at the end of the day, availability of good jobs trumps everything else. So other than missing family and friends, here are three things I miss about living in Troy, NY.

The Hudson in Troy, NY
Outside our old apartment building 💑
  1. The architecture
    MPR and I both have a soft spot for all things vintage. Our dream home style is mid-century modern with furniture that looks like it was ripped directly from the set of Mad Men. Everything in Charlotte is shiny and new, which is beautiful, but Troy had character. Brick buildings, cobblestone crosswalks, and gorgeous brownstones. It gave the city a homey, New England feel, especially in the fall when the sidewalks were littered with yellow leaves. I once dreamed of buying and renovating one of those brownstones, but I’ve watched enough episodes of Fixer Upper to know that it would have been nothing but a money pit.

    Sweet Sue's bakery in Troy, NY
    I honestly don’t know how I managed to live above a cupcake shop for two years and not gain 100 pounds! 🍰
  2. The restaurants
    I’m not going to lie, Charlotte does southern food really well. Since moving here my eyes have been opened to grits, chicken and biscuits, and fried green tomatoes. I even found a burrito place down here that rivals Bombers back in Albany. But I miss the innovative restaurants in Troy. Slidin’ Dirty had unique burgers, The Placid Baker had soups and sandwiches that hit the spot on a cold winter day (plus macarons aplenty) and Bacchus had the most delicious wood-fired pizza. But I’m seeing a slow change with every new bar and restaurant that opens in Charlotte (and it’s nice seeing new businesses come to town, versus rows of abandoned buildings).

    Park in Troy, NY
    Hanging in the park down the block 🍂🍁
  3. The walkability
    Charlotte is extremely walkable, especially in uptown and South End. But while I can walk to many places here, I can’t walk everywhere because Charlotte is so big. I remember that after our wedding I could walk to every single office needed to legally change my name in Troy. I walked to work, to get blood work done, and even to renew my license at the DMV. I only used my car to visit my parents, go grocery shopping, and get my hair done. Did I always feel safe walking around Troy? Well, no. I had to stay in a pretty tight perimeter downtown, but it was so freeing to not have to rely on a car. Luckily, I get to continue my walking commute here in Charlotte, and for the walks that are too long we have Uber, so I’d say that’s a win.
Engagement photos in Troy, NY
Outside my old agency! 🙊

Do you ever miss your first apartment, despite the slanted floors and the drafty windows?


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