10 things every confident woman has

10 things every confident woman has

An article I often refer back to is 8 things every happy woman should have on Thought Catalog. Not because I’m questioning my happiness, but because it’s kind of fun to check back periodically and see if/how my answers have changed.

While the article states that “happy” women have these 8 simple things, I think that it has more to do with confidence and self-assurance. It’s describing women who know who they are and what they like. I believe that once you have this down, you exude confidence, and confidence translates to happiness and contentment.

So I decided to make my own version of this list and fill in my answers. Feel free to share your answers in the comments below!

  1. A go-to drink: I have various go-to drinks depending on the outing. I rarely order a mixed drink unless I’m at a wedding, but when I opt for liquor, I order a vodka soda with a splash of grenadine – just enough to make it pink. If I’m out to dinner or happy hour with the girls, I’ll order a glass of pinot noir. At bars, BBQs and tailgates, I stick with light beer – Miller Lite or High Life. Lastly, when at breweries, I order the fruitiest beer on the menu, and by that I quite literally mean beer with fruit in its name, or a hard cider.
  2. A signature scent: This took a lot of experimenting over the years, but I finally found my scent: Ralph Lauren Romance. This classic, floral scent is my absolute favorite.
  3. A defined style: This took me 28 years to figure out, but I finally have it: Taylor Swift during her “Red” era. A blend of vintage and modern, and always ladylike. Now I just need the rest of my closet to catch up.
  4. A uniform: For work, I gravitate towards black pants and pretty blouses. On the weekends, I live in jeans, tees, and sneakers.
  5. A hairstyle that works: After experimenting with the lob, I finally added layers back into my hair because I missed my natural waves. I’m now able to ditch my straightener and air dry with sea salt spray – hello healthy hair! My current mission is to grow my hair back out to armpit-length. A medium cut with long layers just works for me.
  6. A stress reliever: My favorite way to decompress after work is to go for a walk with MPR and Rufio. Last winter and spring we would walk about an hour down the Rail Trail and back every evening. We had to put those walks on hold this summer because it was too hot for Rufio, but I can’t wait to get back out there now that the air is getting crisper.
  7. A hobby: MPR & I love going to see our favorite bands live. It’s what brought us together, and what keeps us feeling 18 (even if we’re the oldest ones at a show). Outside of that, I made it a priority to reignite my love of reading this year when I signed up for a library card. I now love to unplug and get lost in a book.
  8. A pump-up song: My old standby got replaced with Taylor Swift’s New Romantics. I don’t care if she lied about Kanye, that girl can write hits.
  9. A skill or talent: My main talent where I like to hang my hat is writing. It has been a constant throughout my entire life and how I make a living. Another passion of mine is music. I took piano, flute, and piccolo lessons from elementary school through high school graduation. Since then, I unfortunately haven’t had time or access to practice, but MPR and I are making it a priority to buy a house with a perfect nook for a piano.
  10. A healthy sense of self: Lately, I’ve worried that I identify a little too much with my job title. That my career was all I had. But I’m learning that my personal interests have nothing to do with my role as a PR girl. That I’m a woman who loves pop-punk, deep conversations, pretty stationery, song lyrics, geeking out over grammar, and staying up on what’s culturally relevant. That may be why I’m good at my job, but my job isn’t the reason I love those things.

By caitlinrebecca

PR girl fueled by pop-punk, witty words and a hot cup of tea.

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