PR Girl Travels: Edmonton, Alberta


I recently traveled to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for a client event. Our program puts on events in multiple cities each year and these trips typically include working from sun up to sun down, followed by a client dinner, followed by collapsing into my hotel bed and falling asleep to Big Bang Theory reruns on TBS. That’s why I knew it was bad news bears when I started to feel feverish on our second flight from Toronto to Edmonton.

By the time we landed, I knew I was ill. Chills, lower back pain, tightness in my chest. I powered through dinner, took the Emergen-Z packet I luckily had in my makeup bag, and prayed for the best.

Spaghetti and meatballs
We had Italian for dinner, and I went for some classic comfort food: spaghetti and meatballs

In the morning I drank down some Alka-Seltzer Plus Daytime medicine  I found at the bottom of my toiletry bag (🙌🏻) and headed out for job site visits with my team. Somehow I got through the day, interviewing workers and uncovering some great nuggets for our client’s blog. We made a pitstop at a pharmacy for some DayQuil/NyQuil, and then I promptly passed out over my room service dinner.

Bright and early at our first job site! How gorgeous is Edmonton?

The next morning was our main event, but I had to sleep in and cab it over later after set up was complete. (I’ve never felt like more of a bum, but health has to come first!) During the main event I helped run the swag table and greeted guests. I have to say, the men in Edmonton are snazzy dressers! Slim, tailored suits, elbow patches, and Mad Men-style glasses. I never would have guessed it, and I loved it.

Event set up
Pre-event set up. In the background is construction for the new Edmonton Oilers stadium! 🏒

After the event, we had a little pocket of time to eat, so I grabbed some poutine from The Canadian Brewhouse food truck we had on site. The cold/flu destroyed my appetite, but a few bites of those salty, cheesy fries were heaven.

Poutine from The Canadian Brewhouse
My first time eating poutine, and I am officially a fan 👍🏻

I had to skip dinner again that night and crawled back into bed. I would say getting sick on a business trip belongs on the list of things that are The Worst. Especially in the field of PR because our business trips are never leisurely. We’re there to run events and manage media relations and interview people. We have no choice but to power through!

Flying out of Edmonton, AB
👋🏻Bye Edmonton! You were really pretty and I wish I could have enjoyed you more!

What I thought was the flu ended up being bronchitis and a sinus infection that lingered on for five weeks. FIVE. So although this was a terrible experience, I learned that you should always pack the following on a business trip:

  1. A hoodie (you never know when you may get the chills or have a chilly hotel room)
  2. Airborne/Emergen-C (take before getting on all flights)
  3. Cold/Flu medication of your choice

Let’s hope the next one goes off without a hitch!


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