Back to school: 7 essential office supplies for PR girls

PR Girl Office Supplies

Shopping for school supplies at the end of each summer always gave me a rush. Bright spiral notebooks with crisp, untouched pages, a shiny pack of pens with fresh black ink, and, of course, a new planner for the school year that I would fill with song lyrics and notes to friends.

Even though I officially finished school when I walked across the stage with my master’s diploma five years ago, I get that same schoolgirl feeling this time of year. It helps that MPR is a teacher, so ‘back to school’ also means helping him decorate his classroom and getting supplies ready for all of his students.

I believe that even as working girls, we can look to September as a fresh start. Summers are usually slow in the agency world, and Fall is when activity starts to pick back up for the year ahead. So I think we should all take some time to gear up before Q1 budgeting and Excel spreadsheets take over our lives. If we’re gonna work hard, we may as well do it in style!

Here are my top office supply picks for PR girls:

Back to school supplies
My ‘back to school’ picks for working girls 👠


  1. Kate Spade ‘Out to Lunch’ Tote: Luckily, I’m a five minute walk away from my office, so I go home for lunch. But when we buy a house out in the ‘burbs, I’m going to need a cute, yet sophisticated lunch tote that won’t make me feel like I’m carrying a milk carton and a PB&J with the crusts cut off that my mom made me. This one from Kate Spade fits the bill.
  2. Hustle Mouse Pad: Although I have a work laptop, I live for my wireless mouse. Instead of using a faded mouse pad left over from an old client or a media rep, pick up this cute one from Etsy.
  3. Rifle Paper Co. To Do List: I usually write my weekly to-do list on post-its, but I’m thinking I need to up my game with this adorable pad. It organizes and motivates you at the same time!
  4. Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler with Straw: PR girls need to stay hydrated! This tumbler will keep you running to the kitchen for refills.
  5. Ban.Do Classic Agenda: I’ve tried just about every planner out there, but this one from Ban.Do is my absolute favorite. It’s colorful, includes stickers, and marks all of those random “National Whatever Days” to help you stay on top of social media trends. I like it so much that I bought the same exact one for 2017.
  6. Triple C Portable Charger: I cannot tell you how many times this past year a portable cell phone charger would have come in handy. From event days to business travel, my iPhone needs to stay juiced up. Plus, this comes in a few adorable prints. This is definitely an investment worth making.
  7. Marley Lilly Monogrammed Laptop Case: Monograms and pretty prints. Does this even need an explanation?

What are your go-to office supplies?



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