Breakfast at Amélie’s

Puppy peeking over table at Amélie's
"Hey, are you gonna eat all of that?" 🐶
Puppy eating outside at Amélie's uptown
Rufio is très très chic 🐩

Sunday continued Charlotte’s trend of cooler air and lack of humidity, so MPR & I decided to take Rufio for a walk uptown. First we walked up to the main library branch to return two books, and on our way back we stopped at Amélie’s French Bakery & Café for a leisurely breakfast.

We first visited the Amélie’s in NoDa while checking out apartments back in 2015. I instantly fell in love equally with its decor and its macarons. However, when we moved to Charlotte we ended up in South End, and while it’s not far, we just don’t find ourselves in NoDa often. Luckily, Amélie’s opened another location right in uptown, just a few blocks from our apartment.

Amélie's salted caramel brownie
Salted caramel brownie at Amélie’s 😍

While I had yet to go there, MPR took some of our New York friends one night and has been raving about the salted caramel brownie ever since. Naturally, that was the first thing I ordered, along with an iced tea and a bacon, egg & cheese on a croissant.

Breakfast sandwich at Amélie's
Bacon, egg, asiago cheese & spinach 👌🏻

I have to admit: the salted caramel brownie exceeded the hype. It doesn’t surprise me that a sign inside the bakery says the uptown location has sold more than 110,000 salted caramel brownies alone. This just instantly became a must-eat for every friend or family member who visits us!

In addition to amazing food and pastries, this location serves beer and wine. In my opinion, it’s the perfect late-20s, married without kids spot. A glass of wine + a brownie? Could an evening get any better?

Puppy peeking over table at Amélie's
“Hey, are you gonna eat all of that?” 🐶

They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content, right? Mission accomplished with this amazing breakfast, dessert, and long walk to get the morning started. Restful Sundays make me the happiest – it may even be my favorite day of the week. 💕


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