PR Girl Travels: Nashville

I believe in Nashville

On Halloween weekend we headed to Nashville for an Islanders/Predators hockey game. It was our first time ever in Nashville, and we had the best time! We shared an Airbnb with friends and went to the game with a ton of other people part of MPR’s Isles meet-up group – plus Danny & Taylor made the trip down from New York!

One of my favorite things about relocating to the South is all of the new destinations we can explore within driving distance of Charlotte. Nashville is about 6 hours away, and the route took us right through beautiful Asheville. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend making the drive in the fall months because we got to do some leaf-peeping along the way – and we even drove through snow on our way home! (Don’t worry, I was prepared with the Michael Bublé Christmas CD locked and loaded.) 🍂

I think what I loved most about Nashville was the energy, and yes, there really is live music on every floor of every bar on Broadway. I can’t say I follow country music, but I sure can appreciate it. 🎶

Broadway in Nashville

Acme Feed & Seed

I was a little worried about finding good restaurants for the group that had vegetarian options for me and MPR (AKA not BBQ), but I can honestly say it was a breeze. We did not have one bad meal. I got an amazing falafel sandwich at Acme Feed & Seed, flavorful Korean BBQ tofu tacos at Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge, and an egg and cheese on a buttery biscuit at Milk & Honey.

Korean BBQ Tofu Tacos

Egg and Cheese on a Biscuit Milk & Honey

While exploring Nashville, we ran into numerous people from the Islanders team because they were all staying downtown. We even picked the same dinner spot as one of the coaches, and after we introduced ourselves, he gave us passes to meet some of the players after the game. We were definitely fan-girling, but we were able to sneak in a few selfies. (It helped that they had just won 6-2!)

Isles Meet Ups CLT

Islanders vs. Predators

Cal Clutterbuck

Anders Lee

On our way out Sunday morning, we stopped by the famous Biscuit Love to grab some bonuts to go – that’s biscuit dough fried like a doughnut. And yes, it’s worth the wait when the line wraps around the building! (Luckily we were in and out because we got there at 8 AM.)

Biscuit Love Nashville

I also couldn’t leave Nashville without popping into Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James. I came very close to buying a set of mugs with cute little scotty dogs and dachshunds on them, but I’m pretty sure if I came home with one more mug, MPR would kick me out. (What can I say? I enjoy teatime!)

Draper James Nashville

Amelia's flower truck

Nashville skyline

Overall it was a great trip and I’m so thankful we got to share it with the best friends – both new and old. It was fun to see our New York and Charlotte words collide, and I’m looking forward to our upcoming trips to Raleigh and Brooklyn! 🏒

PR Girl Travels: Cuba

In prep for our trip to Cuba, MPR and I watched Papa: Hemingway in Cuba, on Netflix. It’s a movie about a young journalist who finds a father figure in legendary author Ernest Hemingway during the Cuban Revolution. What we didn’t know is that this movie was filmed entirely in Cuba, even at Ernest Hemingway’s real house, and we ended up following the footsteps of the film crew as we visited all of Hemingway’s favorite spots on our excursion that detailed his life there.

Our first stop was the old fishing village, Cojímar. Hemingway docked his fishing boat here and interviewed fishermen at La Terraza de Cojímar as research for his book, The Old Man and the Sea.

La Terraza de CojímarLa Terraza de CojímarCojímar, CubaCojímar, Cuba

The next stop on our tour was his house, which was donated as a museum and kept true to the time period. The walls were covered with hunting kills and the house had multiple grand writing desks. The most haunting discovery was the scribbles on the walls in his bathroom where he obsessively kept track of his weight. But the backdrop of his estate was absolutely gorgeous.

Ernest Hemingway's House, CubaErnest Hemingway's House, CubaErnest Hemingway's House, CubaErnest Hemingway's House, Cuba

Lastly, we headed down to Havana to see the hotels and bars where he drank with the locals, including the Floridita.

Havana, CubaHavana, Cuba

Cuba is a special place and it was definitely an eye-opening trip. I highly recommend it for history buffs and literature buffs, and for those who want to experience the Cuban culture. We only visited for one day, but we definitely squeezed a lot out of our time there 🇨🇺

AR Workshop: Merry Mail Card Holder

Wood pallet Christmas card holder

Our finished Merry Mail card holder with our first Christmas card! 🎄☃️🎅🏻

Over the weekend I took my first AR Workshop class after admiring their projects on Instagram for months. I chose their “Merry Mail” Christmas card holder project because I think it’s adorable, and because the past few years MPR and I have been taping our Christmas cards to the wall and I wanted a cuter, more festive way to display them. I love the rustic chic design of this card holder – how very southern of me 😉

Here’s a photo diary of how this project came to be!

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Saturdays are for the girls

Pop-up shop for women-owned businesses in Charlotte

Pink Social Girl Tribe Pop-Up Shop! 👯💕 #shoplocal

Barstool Sports may say that Saturdays are for the boys, but this past Saturday was most definitely for the girls. My friend Amanda and I started our morning at the Pink Social Girl Tribe Pop Up sale at Sugar Creek Brewing. This pop up sale had 50+ women-owned businesses, including local boutiques and designers. The whole purpose was to support other women, shop local, and throw a fun girls’ day out.

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Exploring uptown solo

Park 2

Earlier this year, MPR and I came to the realization that since moving to Charlotte, we hadn’t done anything apart. We both go to work all day, then come home and eat dinner together, take Rufio for a walk together, watch a TV show or two together, and go to sleep together. On the weekends, we often run errands together, take Rufio to the park together, go out with friends together, and lounge by the pool together.

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Learning to like craft beers

Craft Beers

When we first moved to South End in Charlotte, we noticed something about the nightlife. The majority of the bars are filled with fresh out of college 20-somethings and finance bros. Looking around one night, I thought to myself, am I officially too old and too married to go to the bars anymore? Is 27 the new 40? And then we discovered where all of the newlywed hipsters hang out: the breweries.

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Root for the home team


I grew up in a city with zero professional sports teams. Then, I went to a college where people only cared about one football game each year. (Okay, we didn’t even care about that game, we just used it as an excuse to start drinking at 8 a.m.) My grad school has a D1 hockey team, but I was only there for one year and only made it to one game. I became a New York Islanders fan because it’s my husband’s team, but I’ve never really had a team to call my own – until now.

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