Friday vibes: September 23

Charlotte, NC
View of Uptown Charlotte

Last night marked the third night of riots in Charlotte. While they’ve been occurring a few blocks away from us, we’ve been living with a steady hum of helicopters overhead, pops and bangs of tear gas at night, and an overcast of heavy hearts. It’s sad to see our beautiful city get smashed and torn apart – especially in the media. Pray for peace. We don’t need anymore hurting.

With all of the unrest this week, here’s how I’ve been distracting myself:

  1. Glossier Generation G: I love the look of lipstick, but am a little intimidated by it. This new lipstick by Glossier kind of makes it foolproof.
  2. 21 Times Tina Belcher Made You Say, “Me As An Adult Human Being”: Tina Belcher is perhaps my favorite TV character ever. New season of Bob’s Burgers starts this Sunday! 🙌🏻
  3. 10 Ways to Become a Morning Person (Without Chugging Coffee): I need to try this kiwi tip as I currently have them in my fridge. I’ll report back.
  4. The Difference Between Growing an Audience and Community (and Why Both Matter!): This article by Kayla Hollatz is packed with great tips. My takeaway is that I need to work on a more consistent Instagram strategy.
  5. 20 Ridiculously Easy Recipes You Can Make With a Slow Cooker: I think my favorite part about fall/winter is crock pot meals. I love the smell wafting through the house and how good that hot meal feels in my belly. I’ve got my eye on the chicken enchilada soup.

Be safe, everyone 💙


By caitlinrebecca

PR girl fueled by pop-punk, witty words and a hot cup of tea.

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