Friday vibes: July 29


At Birdsong Brewing in NoDa for #instabeerupclt with my next door neighbor ❤️

This week was a great one. For one, it was the first time all month I started to feel like my normal self again. The z-pak finally defeated the bronchitis and nasty sinus infection I picked up in Edmonton. I’m no longer drowning in mucus. But on top of that, I attended two networking events: the PRSA luncheon and #instabeerupclt. It felt good to be around like-minded people and finally set down some roots. It was the first time since we moved here a year ago that I started to feel like Charlotte was becoming my home, instead of just a place we’re “testing out.”

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Exploring uptown solo

Park 2

Earlier this year, MPR and I came to the realization that since moving to Charlotte, we hadn’t done anything apart. We both go to work all day, then come home and eat dinner together, take Rufio for a walk together, watch a TV show or two together, and go to sleep together. On the weekends, we often run errands together, take Rufio to the park together, go out with friends together, and lounge by the pool together.

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