Popsicle cocktails

I’m not sure if it’s a Charlotte thing, a southern thing, or a summer 2016 thing, but a lot of bars and breweries in the Queen City have started selling popsicle cocktails. Their formula is a glass of prosecco with a King of Pops popsicle (a local popsicle joint that makes ecologically responsible, fresh, all-natural frozen… Continue reading Popsicle cocktails

Rich Bitch

I didn’t have a savings account until I was 24. Throughout high school and college I always had at least one job, but that money went to funding my social life: clothes, going out with friends, food, etc. Even during my first year of work after grad school I never had use for a savings… Continue reading Rich Bitch

Learning to like craft beers

When we first moved to South End in Charlotte, we noticed something about the nightlife. The majority of the bars are filled with fresh out of college 20-somethings and finance bros. Looking around one night, I thought to myself, am I officially too old and too married to go to the bars anymore? Is 27… Continue reading Learning to like craft beers

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Wednesday Words – Ghostbusters

“Between Jones’ exit from the table and Dippold’s arrival, this same male journalist — while manspreading in his chair, naturally — later comments that, even if a toy company did make figurines of the cast, “little boys would never play with female Ghostbusters action figures.” Ah, yes. Thank you, Mr. Whoever You Are, for coming to set… Continue reading Wednesday Words – Ghostbusters

Root for the home team

I grew up in a city with zero professional sports teams. Then, I went to a college where people only cared about one football game each year. (Okay, we didn’t even care about that game, we just used it as an excuse to start drinking at 8 a.m.) My grad school has a D1 hockey… Continue reading Root for the home team

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Poached eggs

Each New Year I can remember since graduating from college, one of my resolutions included some form of learning how to cook. I’ve collected an eclectic shelf of beautifully-designed cookbooks filled with mouthwatering photos of clean, fresh food. And every year I’ve failed.